Rubber Manufacturing Benchmarking Reports

Quarterly Economic Study:  Keeping the pulse of the industry is important and that's why ARPM's processor members have created the confidential "Economic Survey” which is administered on a quarterly basis and designed to give company leaders a better feel for what is happening in the industry.  Is your company above business trends or lagging the pack?  Participating in ARPM’s quarterly state-of-the-industry studies can help in tactical decision making.

Human Resources Benchmarking:  Policies, procedures, trends, and issues related to the management of human resources are ones of paramount importance to companies in the plastics industry. ARPM works to ensure its members are up-to-date on issues related to Health Insurance Trends, Wage & Salary Comparisons, and more.

Plant Management Statistics:  Benchmarking information and data related to issues covering the manufacturing process, machines, maintenance, work flow, and other production floor areas can be found embedded in ARPM’s benchmarking and information gathering activities.  Member exchanges on maintenance, software, and machine operations give ARPM members key business advantages.

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